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Heinrich Monz


The Austrian Keglers (Bowling)
Group Leader: Heinrich Monz
Meetings: On Fridays at Woodville Bowling Centre


The Austrian Keglers bowling team was formed in 1960 at the Parkside Bowling Centre on Glen Osmond Road. The bowling centre did not have machines to set up the pins but had to rely on them being set up by hand. The team consisted of Hans Hergg (Captain), Hans Grammelt, Franz Brunnbauer , Helmut Haas, Andy Feichter , Sepp Mittermeier and Heinz Steiner . The team bowled at Parkside for three seasons then moved to Cross Road Bowl where Andy Feichter , Franz Brurmbauer , Oskar Lielme and Sepp Mittermeier made up the team. There they bowled for two seasons before going to Woodville Bowl. Here the Austrian Keglers had the honour of being champions for four seasons in a row.
In 1964 the team broke the B-Grade record and held it for eight years. Horst Spitzek, Wolfram Bucher, Bernhard Dubay, John Wendy, Brigitte Feuerreiter, Manfred Hartfield, Erwin Schott , Harry Kainz, Stan Gibbons, Kurt Leitner, Hans Grammelt and Traudl Juraschek are some of the bowlers who bowled for the Austrian Keglers.
The Bowling Team, which is still bowling at Woodville on Friday nights, at the present are Heinrich and Pia Monz, Gottfried Gangl and Willy Gangl.


The 12th of February 2010 was not only the opening of one of the most exciting Championships for a long time it was historic. Tenpin SA made its first induction into the Tenpin SA Hall of Fame, the Austrian Keglers. Bowling in their 37th consecutive State Championships the Keglers have set an unbelievable record and have throughout their time shown the true spirit of Tenpin Bowling.