Our club is lucky, as some of the 'younger' members are taking an active interest in management.

President’s Message               Updated on 15/11/2017

Liebe Mitglieder and Internet Friends!

Our 60th year of the Austrian club is drawing to a close and once again the festive season is nearly upon us. The Pagger Buam weekend in October was indeed a fantastic highlight of our 60th year celebrations.

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The Executive Committee 2017/2018

Herbie Reiter
Heinz Fuchs
Vice President
Manfred Andersen
1st Secretary
Sybille Tomasin
2nd Secretary
Paige Heywood
Minute Keeper
Gottfried Gangl
1st Treasurer
Angelika Stauber
2nd Treasurer
Maria Bubner
Internal Auditor
Henning Klovekorn
1st Committee Person
Franz Tomasin
2nd Committee Person
Brina Bubner

There are also other important positions that have been filled and these are as follows:

Gottfried Gangl
Bar Manager
Herbert Stauber
Webmaster & Newsletter
Traudl Andersen
Ladies Committee
Franz Tomasin
Building Maintenance
Heinz Fuchs
Radio Representative
Subgroup Leaders
Heinrich Monz
Ten Pin Bowling
Brigitte & Gerhard Lachs
Seniors Group
Franz Tomasin
Table Tennis Group
1957   J Neubauer 1973   R Victora †
1963   M Frittmann † 1976   G Simonitsch †
1965   F Bracko † 1986   K Teicher †
1966   K Robausch 1988   G Simonitsch †
1967   K Badelka † 1991   H Reiter
1969   S Weikel † 1997   E Wendler †
1972   R Pleunig 1998   H Reiter


1957   H Langbrander 1987   Mrs A Clark
    H Navratil 1991   R Feuerreiter
    G Markus 1993   Ms K Schuster
1959   F Bracko † 1998   R Feuerreiter
1960   A Zinögger † 2000   Ms K Schuster
1967   H Lachs 2001   G Lachs
    F Hörmann 2004   M Andersen
1968   A Gigler 2005   G Lachs
1969   E Achmüller † 2007   H Scherwitzel
1972   G Simonitsch † 2012   G Lachs
1975   L Lemm 2014   K Riess
1976   K Riess 2015   G Lachs
1979   T Pacek † 2017   M Andersen
1957   K Weinecke 1987   Mrs F Sörgel
1958   H Gross 1989   J Bailey
    M Frittmann † 1990   E Wendler †
1959   H Steiner † 1993   Mrs B Schuster
1971   F Juraschek † 1996   Ms A Thompson
1975   G Gangl 1998   Mrs D Feuerreiter
1983   M Hummel 2007   G Gangl
1986   H Schneider †      

Fundraising Committee

At the end of 1991 the Fundraising Committee was formed to help finance the proposed extension of our Club Cellar. Out of their activities the Committee was able to establish a Coffee & Cake Stand at the Adelaide International Expo held during April each year. At that time, the Expo was a huge financial assistance to our Club. The cultural Groups of our club played a most important part in this venture, supplying one hour's worth of entertainment to the Expo during each day of its duration. Along with many other fundraising functions the success of this committee has been outstanding and has the distinction of providing the funds to help pay off our debts from the extensive cellar extensions.
When our opportunities for fundraising disappeared from the Expo a new door opened and since the year 2000 we run our famous Austrian Grill at the annual Schützenfest organized by the South Australian German Association at Bonython Park. The Austrian Grill has been an outstanding success for the club due to the fantastic contribution made by our club members.