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Dr. Bernhard Zimburg
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Gitti Schuster



Christmas Greetings from our Austrian Consul Mrs Susi Tegen

I cannot believe it i‎s that time of year again! As I walk to my flight interstate for a meeting I see the Christmas lights and decorations up for Christmas everywhere. Seeing the decorations always makes me think about the year that was (and how quickly the year has passed).

I spent time in Austria recently and it coincided with the election. With our newly elected Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz (formerly Aussenminister) the people of Austria have spoken.

Although it is not compulsory, 70% of those who can legally vote expected a change. Sebastian Kurz is young, decisive, open and communicates well. It is what people around the world are seeking with new politicians. There are just as many issues in European countries as there are around the US, Asia and Australia and I don't believe that media and social media are helping. There are always positive and negative sides to every issue which is important to remember. We are lucky that we are in a democratic society where we can have an opinion, a say and can vote according to our beliefs (no matter what others believe).

As Austrian consul I am involved with various activities and tasks beyond supporting you within South Australia and the Northern Territory. I often assist companies which are interested in entering the Australian market or once here need connections or information and of course vice versa those Australian companies which wish to enter Austria. I work with Advantage Austria the economic arm of Austria ‎and Austrian Tourism to promote the economic relations between AUT and AUS as well as promoting tourism. We also of course work with our Ambassador and his team in Canberra. They assist us in assisting you and are a committed and happy team to work with.

On an Asia Pacific level the Austrian government supports the uptake of renewable energy and the education and equality of women in developing countries. A recent trip to the Asia Pacific with my Fellow Consuls and Ambassador demonstrated the commitment and activities for change.

If you have the time go to our Web site and connect to either Tourism Austria or ‎advantage Austria. You will be proud to see how much is done and how large the Austrian footprint is in Australia.

On behalf of Gitti and me, I wish you, your family and your friends a very enjoyable and safe Christmas ‎with plenty of good food, laughs and memories. Und... Eine guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Liebe Grüsse
Susanne Tegen‎
Austrian Honorary Consul SA NT                                               Saturday 18th November 2017